Hire Extra Help for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching! That means chocolate and baked goods are sneaking their way into the office, decorations for your shop window or lobby are already going up, and (for most Calgary retailers) things are about to get busy!

While the tills are busy ringing to the tune of Jingle Bells, and your salespeople are busy restocking shelves and processing stock orders, the store still collects dust and tracks in the same amount of muddy footprints from outside. Cleaning standards in stores tend to buckle under the pressure of more traffic, but they don’t have to. We are an independent cleaning service that you can hire on a one-off or routine basis to help restore your shop to a sparkling condition during the busy month of December. You shouldn’t have to miss an opportunity to make a sale because an employee is mopping up your entranceway. Relieve the burden. Call us!

Let’s say you work in an office, and you don’t have a shop floor to worry about. What about the last day of work before Christmas, and that office party you’re planning on hosting with your team? Especially if a bit of rum and eggnog is involved, you don’t want to spend time late at night or the morning after doing that last clean of the office. Why not hire our service to clean up the space so you have a sparkling office to return to at the beginning of January?

No matter where you work, or how much your team celebrates the holidays, everyone has to deal with snow this time of year. Did you know our snow removal team is on call 24/7 during the winter months? We take great care in our snow removal work, as snow removal is one of the most crucial ways of ensuring safety for your staff and clients. Clear up the pathway that leads to your parking lot. De-ice that outdoor smoking area. These are all ways you can keep your employees safe this time of year.

Keep your holidays happy and healthy by letting us take care of the maintenance work. Call us today for a quote on your office or retail space 403-520-7788.