Clean Start to a New Year

If your retail business feels snowed under, congrats! You probably did good business over the holidays. The only thing left to do now is clean up the mess left by the hectic shopping sprees before Christmas.

The Retail Season Has Passed and for many retail owners, January is a relatively calm month with not much to do. While your employees are taking inventory and processing exchanges, we can be your second set of eyes to see that you start 2017 with a clean space. Let us find all the nooks and crannies where dust has gathered in your space and clear it with a carpet or floor treatment.

In Case Your Property Manager Comes In we will have already spotted the messes they might like to have sorted out. If you’re a small businesses with high traffic, but deal with a tenancy, this can be a big stress. With the proper equipment at our disposal, we can sort you out without the threat of your security deposit being depleted.

Winter Mat Rental – And Calgarians know that the winter doesn’t end on December 31st. There’s still time to hire our mat rental service: We give you an absorbent entry way mat to block snow from being tracked into your store, and before it gets smelly, we give you a clean, dry replacement on a routine basis.

Start 2017 fresh! Contact us today for a consultation on your home, retail or office space (403 520 7788).