What Our Janitorial Service Includes

There are certain things companies come to expect from us as a cleaning service in Calgary. Still, you might be surprised to learn that we offer flexible, environmentally friendly services year round and city-wide.

With 30 Years in the Industry Regency Cleaning delivers efficient service at the highest standards of quality. We know clean. And in a place like Calgary with busy offices, packed shopping malls, and harsh winters, we know the level of service that needs to be provided in order to call it ‘clean’.

Flexible Schedule we appreciate that your office or retail environment doesn’t always allow for us to work around a 9-5 schedule. That’s why we make our work hours flexible to suit the needs of our clients. Often this means late nights, early mornings, or weekends when the space is unoccupied.

Sanitised with the Earth in Mind – We use a variety of green cleaning products in our work. The myth about green cleaning products is that they don’t do as good a job at cleaning as normal products. In our experience, we can assure our clients that green cleaning not only works as well, it has the added benefit of a healthier environment for your employees, customers, and for our community as a whole. Read more about our green cleaning products and certification here.

We’re proud to call Calgary home, and we hope you’ll be proud to hire us for your residential or business cleaning in 2017. Call us today for a quote (403 520 7788).