Snow Removal and Safety

Perhaps one of the most important duties we have as a cleaning service in Calgary is snow removal. When the snow falls, it affects all of Calgary – from a boutique on 9th Avenue, to an office building with a parking lot, to the steps up to the entrance of your local school. Snow affects our accessibility, which is why these three things are so important to our standard of service for snow removal.

Prepared and Experienced Employees make all the difference. Our staff are trained in the handling of efficient, heavy-duty snow removal equipment that can clear your sidewalk before you have the chance to say “shovel”. They will help clear a pathway from parking lot to door, or away from an entranceway so less snow gets tracked in by the footpath to your building.

The Dependable Overnight Labour Force of ours is on call 24/7. After a snowfall, our team is notified and prepares to take to the streets to clear snow for a variety of businesses across Calgary. As well, our Day Porters are trained to recognise icy and slippery conditions, and apply deicer compounds to tricky patches of sidewalk.

A Reliable System is in place to monitor weather forecasts. This helps us predict when we’ll need to send out our staff, and ensures that no client is left snowed-under during bad weather. You needn’t worry about anything except your own commute to work.

Be a part of our specialty snow removal service, and rest assured that when the snow hits, our team of professionals will be on the job shortly. Call us today to learn more or arrange your first service. (403 520 7788)