Carpets are often the invisible culprit of poor air quality, odour, or ‘unclean’ look of your space. Luckily, with the meticulous eyes of Regency Cleaning, we can ensure that your space stays beautiful with a carpet treatment.

Affects Air Quality letting dust resettle on the floor after a vacuum can affect the air quality of a workspace. Also, if you’re in a poorly ventilated environment, damp and mould can be stuck in your carpet, unnoticed until it’s kicked up by moving furniture, or a sudden influx of customers onto a shop floor. All that’s trapped in your carpet can become airborne and resettle on surfaces, which is why a regular deep clean of a carpet (frequency depending on exposure to foot traffic) is recommended.

We Pre-treat Affected Areas so that every possible measure is taken to ensure a spot-free carpet for your environment. If you work in a shop, the mud and coffee spill stains from customers are no match for a pre-treatment. If your office furniture has made marks, our flexible service can work around the normal working hours of your employees to ensure every spot is targeted.

And As Always we only use green cleaning products in our service, so your carpets are safe for pets and children. Our service has received accreditation from a number
of organisations such as Environmental Choice and Green Seal. Those recognitions reinforce our values that products good for our employees are also good for the environment and community.

To arrange a carpet cleaning service, or ask us any questions about the products we use at Regency Cleaning, you can reach us at 403-520-7788.