Should You Rent Mats for the Winter Months?

It’s time for cold bus stops, leaving time to scrape your windshield in the morning, and long line-ups for Tim Horton’s drive-thrus (no one’s walking through a parking lot in cold Calgary weather!). We’re here to make your office or retail life a bit easier with our Mat Rental Service. It’ll save your (and your employees’) time cleaning. (Sorry, we can’t do anything about that Tim Horton’s line-up).

“I Have a Welcome Mat. Why Would I Need Yours?”

If you have winter mats, or are thinking of installing your own: Think again. The work that goes into switching out wet and dirty winter mats is far beyond the call of duty for a receptionist or shopkeepers. Not only are they heavy, but they need to be the right material. A sliced up piece of carpet does not a good winter mat make! You shouldn’t install your own winter mats as they can start to stink or fall apart if they’re not built for harsh winter conditions. The mats we provide are absorbent and, best of all, we replace and clean them for you.

Your Legal Team Will Want Them because an absorbent mat reduces the risk of trips and falls. When wet snow melts and tracks water into your office space, that invisible puddle could hurt a customer or one of your employees. The last thing you want is someone running into the office for a meeting, and accidentally having a slip-and-fall. Don’t stress about pulling out the Wet Floor sign every time it snows, and simply get carpets that do the work for you.

But More Than Anything Else, you want your retail or business space to look clean, even as the snow on Calgary’s streets turns a depressing grey. Having proper entranceway mats reduces the frequency you’ll need your floors or carpets cleaned. Two birds, one stone! Carpet cleaning is a more involved process—one that takes time especially if there’s mud-stains on a light carpet. Stop mud and snow in its tracks by being ready for winter before it comes!

The first step—to stepping on your new mat—is to call us for a quote (403-520-7788) Whether it’s a home, office, or retail environment, we are confident that we can help you brave the winter months. Get started now.