Why is Green Cleaning Important?

Whether you’re a tree-hugger or a gas-guzzler, you’ll find that there are benefits to your own health, and the company wallet, when choosing green products and services. We’ve gathered our favourite reasons for only choosing green cleaners and tools in our service. Perhaps we’ll inspire you to make some changes to your home or office!

Water: Calgary has exceptional wastewater treatment facilities. They operate at a very high standard, and do efficient work in Calgary’s dry climate. What you may not know is that hazardous waste like CLR, mineral spirits, or bleach can’t be treated by wastewater treatment plants. These products actually slow down the cycle of water purification. Special facilities—called Household Hazardous Waste Drop-offs—are set up around Calgary to properly dispose of chemicals like these. There are some products that, at present, have no “green alternative,” like paint thinner or motor oil. But for cleaning, there are plenty of alternatives for you to a) help the environment and b) avoid a special trip to a Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off.

If It’s Just as Effective, why not use it? We love our green chemicals because they work just as well as the conventional kind. The perks of green cleaning are the fresh and natural smell, and how they (unlike bleach or Dettol) don’t leave dangerous fumes in the space that’s been cleaned. Besides helping the environment, these chemicals still provide effective services across the board. Not only are our chemicals safe, we reduce our waste with reusable microfiber cloths and energy consumption with high-efficiency vacuums.

Wherever the Space that you need cleaned may be, it can be cleaned efficiently and safely by our team of professionals. If it’s home that needs cleaning, your children’s hands and pets’ paws stay safe with our floor cleaner, and Calgary’s water stays in good operation with our practice of green wastewater disposal. If it’s at work, we can efficiently and safely clean a foyer or stairwell space using the same cleaners, leaving behind only a fresh earthy smell instead of a fume-headache for customers and employees.

And with our accreditation from Green Seal, BBB, EcoLogo, COR, and ISSA, you could cite us as part of your company’s corporate social responsibility for the planet. It all starts by calling us at 403-520-7788 for a quote on your home, office or retail space. Do it today!