Cleaning Headaches

Green cleaning is the way forward! The benefits of environmentally healthy practices exceed “the environment.” They can actually promote your employees’ well-being and leave you with a more satisfying electricity bill at the end of the month. Through less harsh chemicals in your environment, and a cheaper bill to pay, we can help you avoid the cleaning headaches in more than one way.


With Regency Cleaning services, our methods are environmentally friendly; the products we use are efficient and safe. All of our services use supplies outlined in the LEED EBOM (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) program. They include washable, reusable microfiber cleaning cloths, “green” chemicals, high-efficiency vacuums and more!

These products are better for your office, retail space, or home.

Harsh chemicals can leave ammonia residue and fumes in an office space. These give off a “clean” smell at first, but when they linger throughout the day, they can actually cause nose and throat irritation or headaches. Not nice. We use chemicals that will still leave you with a clean space and fresh smell, but it is our promise to never use chemicals that could affect your employees’ or customers’ well-being.

Efficiency and Healthy Go Hand-In-Hand in our services. That’s because we use high-efficiency vacuums in our carpet services, and clean entryways to ensure that your clean feeling will last longer. Our high-efficiency vacuums mean less time in your office and a lower price on your electricity bill at the end of the month. And not many people consider that an entryway can track in a lot of dust and dirt, so we take extra care when cleaning areas of high traffic. This is especially prevalent in shop areas – without a clean entryway, you could be dusting dirt from the streets off of your shelving and products.

At Regency Cleaning, we pride ourselves on creating a clean feeling that lasts longer, and doesn’t compromise the things that are good for a happy work or shop space. Call us today to arrange a quote for your Calgary home or office space, or feel free to ask us any questions about the products we use. (403-520-7788)