Protecting Your Carpets, Windows and Employees

Windows are a key part of any modern office, for a good reason. Natural light and the vitamin D it provides makes us happy. Unless you work in a converted barn, chances are your office space has many windows as well. And, although beautiful, they need to be cleaned often.

It’s a Tough Job cleaning the inside and outside of office windows. Most efficiently it’s done when your employees are out of the office and furniture can be moved to better access those dusty corners. Do your employees sound like the kind with the time and patience for that? If you work in an office, it’s likely that you hired employees that have more important tasks than staying after work to clean the windows, let alone the fact that they may not do as efficient or safe a job as us professionals.

You Probably Have Limited Insurance to cover your staff for things like critical illness and disability, and for business property to cover the actual facilities you use on a day-to-day basis. What you may not have is liability insurance, or if you do it wouldn’t have much coverage. And why would it? In an office setting there’s very little that can hurt your employees, unless you’re asking them to cover cleaning tasks that could be managed (for less of a fee than that of insurance) by our service. We have insured, trained employees that shoulder the liability of workplace injuries through cleaning.

Safety with Cleaning also tends to be an oversight in workplaces where it’s a secondary priority. With your employees working on so much else, you wouldn’t want the possibility of an unmarked wet floor, or a harsh cleaning chemical used incorrectly to injure an essential part of your team. To give employees cleaning responsibilities also involves WHMIS training in some cases, which takes up even more valuable time.

To save time and effort, the best option is to simply hire an efficient and professional service, like ours, to get the job done right. Contact us today (403-520-7788) to receive a quote for your Calgary office space.