Pressure Washing

You may have started to think that the work of keeping a commercial lawn maintained this summer was over with. Not quite!

What Happens This Time of Year:

The wild flowers and weeds, once tamed under the cracks of concrete, start to enjoy the rain and run-off moisture they’ve been receiving all springtime. That’s when they come up! Just when you thought the work was over and you could instead enjoy the summer, there’s some green and yellow heads poking out of your concrete walkway to take care of. We can help make the task of getting rid of them quick and easy with pressure washing.

Pressure Washing:

If you’re new to it, this is using the power of water through a pressurised hose to clear away dirt, grime, weeds, or mud off of building siding or out of the cracks in a foot path. It’s quicker than digging out weeds with a hand shovel, and when finished we simply let the water evaporate and sweep away any excess debris. Easy!

Call In The Pros:

This is not a job you want to do yourself. Pressure washers, although just water, can actually do some damage if used improperly. The intense pressure can damage siding, substantially disrupt a garden, or even chip a stone footpath. Our 30 years of experience with interior and exterior cleaning services means you can trust us with any cleaning service. Conveniently, when you schedule a routine service from us, you don’t even have to remember to get your outside weeds sorted. We’ll show up when they have regrown.

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