Routine Cleaning, Routine Sales

The days are long, but why do they go by so quickly?! With more people out shopping in the daytime or speeding through work to go out and enjoy sunshine,  the days seem even shorter with less time to get those To-Do List tasks done. Don’t let a schedule full of important tasks get blocked by sidestepping a caution sign. Don’t hinder retail footfall with a wet floor. Read on to hear about our flexible cleaning service from Regency Cleaning.

For Over Thirty Years we’ve been working in the cleaning industry. In that time we’ve made adjustments in our practice to fit the widest range of businesses we can.  What we have learned is that scheduling cleaning outside of regular office or retail hours frees our clients up to maintain the most efficient schedule, and increases productivity. When people are in a cleaner space, they feel better! They work better! They buy more!

Conversion is a metric used in sales. You might be familiar with it. It measures the number of people who see you against the number of sales made. On a shop floor,  you can measure how many people walk into a store versus how many people end up at the checkout buying something. In a corporate setting, you could measure how many people come in for a meeting, verses how many partnerships you make. In either of these scenarios, you don’t want a menial external factor affecting the chances of your conversion being high and your sales being a success. Just one reason to get a professional cleaning team in outside of normal office or selling hours to manage the day-to-day upkeep.

Even If You’re Confident that the products will sell themselves, an outside eye can dramatically improve the overall experience of your clients, which may lead to good recommendations, or return customers. An outside eye may also spot things you would otherwise miss. You can get caught up in day-to-day activities and miss details like unsightly clutter, furniture that needs replacement or upkeep, or a lack of light coming through dirty windows.

Let us give you the opportunity of forgetting these issues altogether. Simply call Regency Cleaning and schedule your routine office, retail, or hospitality services today. Call us for a quote at 403-520-7788.