What Services do Commercial Cleaning Companies Offer?

Commercial cleaning companies offer a wide range of services. At Regency Cleaning, we offer a full range of commercial cleaning work – read on to find out more about just a few…

Commercial Cleaning

As part of our commercial cleaning services, we offer carpet and upholstery cleaning and care, floor care and maintenance, janitorial services, and window cleaning. Why so much focus on floors? Clean floors give a great impression on customers, as well as keeping everybody safe from slips and trips. However, floors are constantly being walked all over and need some extra love in the cleaning department: dirt, debris, and bacteria need some professional help to be banished! Floor cleaning includes services like sweeping and waxing. You may have floor cleaning as a single task under a package including other services, or you may choose to hire a commercial cleaning company solely to care for your floors.

Janitorial Services

When we offer you janitorial services, we are offering you a cluster of tasks. These are common, usually daily tasks, including emptying trash bins, floor cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. Retail janitorial services are the most challenging, because they are high-traffic and often open long hours. Standards are exacting, customers are particular, and the level of dirt and soiling is high. Regency Cleaning is experienced with retail cleaning and have options to clean any day of the week or time of day. We’re ready to apply our quality control systems and experience to your janitorial challenge!

Specialty Services

As a full-service cleaning company, we also offer several specialty services: post-construction cleaning, pressure washing, and snow and ice removal. The post construction cleaning crews specialize in the techniques that are needed to clean up the stubborn dirt, dust, and debris left behind. This includes the full range of removing heavy materials, all the way down to cleaning millwork. Pressure washing is critical to outdoor maintenance, but needs to be done by trained technicians or it can cause damage. Used correctly, it can do wonders for vinyl siding, gutters, roofs, concrete, brick and block, decks, and wood. Finally, we offer snow removal. This specialty service is particularly important for safety and protecting your business from lawsuits. We’re on call 24/7 during the winter in order to ensure that slippery conditions are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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