How to Keep Your Office Tidy

If you’ve found yourself searching through piles of papers unable to find a crucial receipt, hastily shoving clutter into a cupboard or drawer right before an important client meeting, or just simply feeling stressed about a messy office, you need these tips to help you get organized! While a professional cleaning company is the best way to keep your office clean, you’ll need to do your part when it comes to tidying.

Germ Management

Your cleaning company will go a long way to keeping your office germ-free. An extra step from you will take it up a notch. Try keeping alcohol wipes beside your desk and do a daily wipedown of germ hotspots: phones, computer mice and keyboards, and door handles.


When you work in an office with several employees, you’ll need a system to make sure that everybody is responsible for the little tasks like dealing with spills, taking out the trash or compost, and washing dishes in the breakroom. A signup sheet or rotation schedule can help to keep everybody accountable. One creative idea to keep employees from letting clutter collect on their desks is to have the owner of each piece of trash or dirty coffee cup pay the day’s cleaner a $1 fine per item.

Available Supplies

It’s hard to be accountable to your cleaning duties when you don’t have or can’t find the needed cleaning supplies! Make sure that you have a few basics on hand in an easy location such as a supply closet or breakroom kitchen: try having an all-purpose cleaner, recycled paper towels, and a few extra garbage bags to cover urgent needs.

Paper Clutter

Paper is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to office clutter. A quick web search brings up many different ways of managing paper clutter, from a simple inbox/outbox all the way through to the complex Tickler system. Whatever system works best for you, make sure you are processing papers as you do and don’t let them build up to an intimidating pile.

Between your cleaning company and your daily good habits, your office can stay both clean and tidy all the time! Give us a call at Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788 to request a quote for that professional cleaning help that will make your office spotless.