This One Simple Trick to Increase Productivity Might Surprise You

Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3600 each year for hourly employees and $3,650 each year for salaried employees, according to one Forbes Magazine estimate. Illness is the most common reason for absenteeism, so it is important for your bottom line to keep your employees as healthy as possible (plus your employees don’t like getting sick either!).

The Spread of Illness in the Workplace

In the workplace, illness can spread like wildfire, particularly during the flu seasons. Encouraging frequent hand-washing can help a lot in illness prevention, but it’s even better to kill off viruses where they lurk in the workplace. Commercial cleaning services get into all the hard to find corners and can make sure disinfecting is done to a high standard.

Where are the Germs Hiding?

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace, exposed to potentially large numbers of people and the germs they carry in. Public surfaces can be germ breeding grounds! That isn’t just limited to bathrooms. Vending machines, community microwave doors, fridge doors, and railings are germ-collectors. Everybody knows that the kitchen cleaning roster is rarely observed as regularly or to the standard that might be desired. Sharing cleaning duties is a great idea but not often implemented to the degree required to keep things sanitized.

Your Solution: Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning experts know all the hotspots for germs and can ensure that your office stays clean and your employees are protected from illness. Experts know which chemicals to use on which surface, and how to avoid bad lingering smells from the use of the wrong cleaning products. A clean office is a productive office, and an office which shows potential customers that you are professionals who can pay attention to the details.

So, what’s that one simple trick to improve workplace productivity? Hire a commercial cleaning company to keep things spic and span to prevent germ transmission! Get ahold of Regency Cleaning today to see if we’re the right company to provide that service for you.