The Importance of Using Green Cleaning Products

Most commercial office buildings require regular cleaning, but handling this need internally can be difficult for most companies. Hiring a professional cleaning company will alleviate this burden, but you should also be careful to vet companies that employ green cleaning practices.

Today, going green has become vital for businesses in all industries, and commercial cleaning is no exception. When it comes to cleaning products, there are many harmful substances still in regular use, but fortunately, there are a number of companies trending towards more environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At Regency Cleaning, we are committed to green cleaning. We can assist with all your company’s commercial cleaning needs, and we strive to do so in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Here are a couple important reasons we employ the use of green cleaning products:

Creates Healthier Surroundings

Because they don’t contain the many toxins found in more traditional cleaners, green cleaning products help to improve air quality in your commercial space. Studies have shown that traditional cleaning products can lead to health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burns or irritations, allergies, headaches chemical poisoning, nausea, and even reproductive hazards. Using strictly green cleaning products minimize the risk of office staff contracting a variety of health conditions.

Saves Money

Green cleaning products can also help your company save on cleaning costs. Traditional cleaning products often cost more than green cleaning products, and if your company is concerned with minimizing the costs of cleaning services, finding a commercial cleaning company that is committed to utilizing only green cleaning products is vital.

Helps Mother Earth

Every company in today’s culture must consider the environmental impacts of their business practices, and using green-cleaning products significantly reduces the effects of sanitary practices and cleaning operations to the environment. Using green cleaning products lessens water and air pollution, which helps to reduce your company’s contributions to climate change and ozone depletion. In addition, green-cleaning products reduces the need for proper disposal of toxic products and packing materials.

Prioritizes Safety and Efficiency

Hiring a cleaning company that utilizes only green cleaning products will make your commercial space safer by reducing employees’ exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. In doing so, you can reduce the number of sick days taken by your employees on a yearly basis, which will help your company improve overall efficiency.

ImprovesSense of Community

One of the most powerful factors in promoting your company’s success is creating a healthy sense of community. When your employees know that you care about their well being, they will be more likely to go the extra mile for your company to be successful. Hiring a commercial cleaning company that uses only green cleaning products will ultimately show your employees that you’re committed to their health.


At Regency Cleaning, we want to work with your company to meet your commercial cleaning needs in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. If you want to talk to our experts about your cleaning needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-403-520-7788 today!