The Challenges of Keeping Retail Spaces Clean

Cleaning a retail space is a toss up – of course, you want to have enough time to keep it clean, but you also hope that your shop assistants are so busy selling that they don’t have time to dust the store! Here’s the best of both worlds: get Calgary’s own Regency Cleaning to service your space, so your employees will get to focus on what they do best.

Fibres, Packaging, and Paper Bits, Oh My!

Whatever it is you sell, chances are it comes with a lot of packaging to keep it safe in transit. When you remove stock from boxes, things like packing peanuts, silica packets, and string can go everywhere. And if one of those silica packets accidentally bursts open, look out. You’ll be finding those little beads for years. While you may be able to grab big pieces of packaging in the process, little pieces of boxes inevitably end up in every nook and cranny of flooring imaginable. However, your expert cleaner from Regency doesn’t have customers to attend to or telephones to man. They can make sure all the boxes and each and every packing pellet finds its way to the garbage or recycling.

When You Run a Shop On a Main Road, business is great! Your open door attracts lots of customers on foot. The downside is that it also attracts everything the cars on that main road will kick up. Your inviting open door suddenly becomes a vacuum for tiny little dust particles to swirl in invisibly and settle on shelves and products. Rather than make your employees painstakingly dust the grime off routinely, see if an air purifier or even a strategically placed open window will do the trick.

And Then There’s the Customers, and they’re always right. Right there, anyway. You love them for the money they spend, but you don’t love them for the mud on their shoes or the fingerprints they leave on your glass cabinets. These are often the trickier places to clean, as it’s often the merchandise that gets dirty, and finding ways to clean a product you want to sell can be tricky. Try not to use any chemicals that might damage the products. Instead resort to lint rollers, soft shammy cloths to remove fingerprints, and dusters. Our professional cleaners are all experienced with handling delicate merchandise and keeping businesses clean without harsh chemicals.

You can take measures to prevent your shop from looking like an old antiques store, but why not start fresh with a visit from Regency Cleaners? Call us today at 403-520-7788.