That Post-Construction Clean

Congratulations, you’ve just renovated your business.

You’ve created a better impression for your clients and enhanced your employees’ workspace. What a shame it’s going to be such a hassle to remove the leftover dust and debris. The post-construction clean up may be the worst part of the whole job.


There are so many things to think about when a renovation kicks up dust. Hopefully, your renovators have taken the appropriate measures to contain the work they did.  If not, there are a few things you can do during the removal process to keep your air clean. Primarily, you should do everything you can to prevent the air from circulating around the space. Do not turn on an air conditioning or heating system, as this will pull dust into ducts. Even with your central air system turned off, you should still cover any vents to prevent dust from collecting on them. A cost effective way is to buy a roll of painting plastic/tarp and cut it into the appropriate vent sizes. Attach plastic with masking tape or another tape that’s easy to remove.

Create Negative Air Pressure To “Pull” Debris Away.

First, choose an open window or exterior door — a window just a smidge larger than your fan works best. Place your fan so that it is blowing outside and do your best to seal the rest of the window. When you turn the fan on, it will suck air (and dust) out of the room and shoot it outside. This is the best way to get unsettled dust out of your space. Keep the fan on and undisturbed as much as possible.

Cover the Doors with a similar plastic film to further gain control over the airflow in the space.  Dust is near impossible to remove when it’s constantly resettling, so prepare the space before you start up your fan or begin to vacuum.

Your business provides you and your employees with plenty of work to do without the added problem of dust and debris. You can’t expect your employees to be on top of sweeping and dusting when they should be focused on their own work, and staying late to clean up after a renovation is stressful. Instead, take the last step to enjoying your new renovation by contacting Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788.