Do You Need To Get Your Business’s Carpets Cleaned?

Do you really want to wait until someone makes a comment about the old carpets in your office? Sure it might not be awkward if it’s another employee, but it could be very awkward if it’s a potential client coming into your space for the first time. If it’s been awhile (or never) since you’ve had your office’s carpets cleaned, let us tell you what we can do to help.

While Assessing A Carpet before we start to clean, we can not only give you an estimate of how long it will take, but we also look out for places to pre-treat. Pre-treating stains saves a lot of work for a full carpet clean and will help to leave your carpet looking evenly clean and fresh.

Even If You Can’t See It, cleaning can remove dust and odours. Dust can collect in the corners of a room, but can be blown into the air to resettle when vacuumed. A deeper clean can remove dust, dirt and stains so they don’t resettle somewhere else in your space, leaving you with a healthier work environment for everyone.

We Finish Off Our Service by applying carpet protector to prevent furniture staining and static. Static can be dangerous in an environment with a lot of computers and electrical lines, which your offices probably do! If static is an issue in your office, we can prevent it with a treatment at the end of our service. Our post-clean treatment also protects the space so you don’t need to get your carpets cleaned as frequently.

Let Us Provide Fresh Eyes for your familiar space. We can pre-inspect your carpets to give you an estimate and show you how much our carpet cleaning can assist in creating a nicer looking, healthy environment. Set up a consultation today 403-520-7788