How a Clean Retail Space Can Boost Sales

As a retailer, you’re focussed on providing a service, moving products, and bringing customers into your store. And we’re here to help you do just that. Did you know that a professionally cleaned retail space can draw more people in and help convert browsers into buyers? When you work with us, you don’t just get a cleaner business, you also boost your sales and your customer satisfaction.

Windows and Window Displays

All retail spaces need to have sparkling clean windows, since they let the light in to help create a bright and attractive atmosphere inside your store. Street-level stores or those in malls have a special need for frequent and thorough window cleaning since many people like to “window-shop” and a good window display can bring feet in the door. However, nobody will be drawn in by a dirty window concealing a display littered with dead flies and dust bunnies!


Whether you have tile, wood, or carpeting, the floor is the part of your store which takes the most beating. Dirty shoes grind in dirt, trample down pile, and leave footprints all over. Spills of food and drinks can stain, and even small bits of dropped garbage or tags can both make the store feel poorly cared for, and increase your difficulty in identifying product losses. When your floor is clean, the flooring material will last longer, customers will slip less, and your whole space will look cared-for.

Fitting Rooms

Fitting rooms are often overlooked in stores selling clothing, and yet 70% of internet purchases are returned because of poor fit. That says that a huge portion of clothing purchasing happens based on fit, and customers discover fit in fitting rooms! Yet no customer should have to balance on their shoes to avoid the dirty carpet, stickers, and pins that too often collect in fitting rooms. Bright lighting, clean flooring, and a clear mirror help potential buyers to feel good about the quality and appearance of the items they try on, and that means more revenue for you.

Whether you sell clothes, home decor, or automobiles, your retail space needs to be clean from front window to back bathroom if you want to boost your sales. Ask us how we can help!