Cleaning a Retail Space

Cleaning a Retail Space

With the city slowly opening back up, retail spaces are making a comeback this summer. Just as before, a clean retail shopping space is integral to the customers’ overall experience and impression of your store. Ensure your store is clean and presentable with a professional cleaning service!


If there’s one thing that indoor cleaners must constantly fight, it’s dust. This pesky substance coats everything and anything, and if left alone will continuously build up. Because dust is a constant menace, it is important to stay vigilant and ensure regular dusting is performed. A dust-free shopping space ensures your store comes across as organized and well-kept, something that customers will always appreciate.


High-traffic indoor spaces, such as retail stores, are notorious for having dirty floors. With so many pairs of shoes entering and exiting constantly, keeping your floor space clean becomes a demanding task. Regency Cleaning is well-equipped to handle any kind of flooring, whether you have tile, hardwood, or carpet. We customize our approach to the kind of flooring you have to make sure that you get the very deepest clean. 


Window shopping is a key way to draw in shoppers, and unkempt windows instantly detract from this important marketing tool! Regular cleaning and polishing will help extend the lifespan of glass displays and windows. If you have mirrors in your store, you’ll want to make sure those are regularly cared for as well.

Other Areas

Your staff room, break room, and storage areas are not frequented by customers, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Just as shoppers will appreciate a clean and tidy shopping space, your employees will notice the extra care and attention you put into their spaces as well. A freshly cleaned break room helps provide your workers with a valuable place to rest and recharge, which helps boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Calgarians are eager to get back to shopping and browsing stores in person, which means it’s all the more important for you to ensure your retail facilities stay clean and safe. A commercial retail space benefits greatly from an investment in a professional cleaning service. Call us at 403-520-7788 today to see what we can do for you!