Why Choose Green Cleaning

Choose Green Cleaning

At Regency Cleaning, green cleaning is integrated into every aspect of what we do. From our selection of cleaning agents to our sanitizing techniques, we ensure that we are doing our part to protect the environment every step of the way. Here are some reasons why green sustainable cleaning is of importance to you.

Reduced Environmental Impact

All our cleaning protocols follow the LEED EBOM (Leadership in Environment and Energy Design, Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) program. This program outlines the current best practices for maximizing the operational efficiency of a building while minimizing its environmental impacts. LEED EBOM permeates everything we do, from the way we tackle our client’s projects to how we maintain our systems and select our cleaning tools. As a globally recognized rating system, LEED EBOM programs demand that we meet rigorous energy requirements and reduce our carbon emissions.

A More Powerful Clean

Green cleaning does not mean sacrificing quality or efficiency. In fact, our hand-picked agents are carefully curated to ensure they are able to meet our rigorous standards. Our reagents are safe, non-toxic, and easygoing on the environment yet hold nothing back when it comes to removing dirt and contaminants. We pair our cleaning compounds with high-efficiency vacuums and other streamlined cleaning equipment to reduce our overall energy usage. 

Waste Removal

Somewhat ironically, cleaning tends to generate a lot of waste which needs to be dealt with carefully and efficiently. Our commitment to green cleaning guides how we handle the waste we generate. Our wastewater disposal is carefully regulated to ensure the least possible impact on the environment. We’re enrolled in a recycling program that allows us to reduce our contribution to landfills, and we reduce our usage of consumable resources where possible. 

By choosing Regency Cleaning, you’re choosing to keep our earth clean for generations to come. Give us a call at 403-520-7788 today and see what we are all about!