Cleaning your Home Office

By now many Calgarians have grown accustomed to their new work-at-home environment and daily routine. Whether you like to roll out of bed and get into your morning Zoom meeting or take your time to drink your coffee before starting the day, this “new” normal has been the norm for quite some time. As we get more comfortable in our home office, we may forget to stop and check to see what the state of that office is in! When’s the last time you gave some proper thought to home office cleaning?

Give Everything a Home

The best way to get a sense of what needs to be cleaned in your home office is to first start with a clean slate. A desk covered in computer peripherals and loose sheets makes it difficult to keep track of how things are supposed to look. Clear away anything that can be cleared away and start with the ground up. Designate a “temporary” area to keep loose documents and ongoing projects so that they don’t end up strewn around haphazardly. This also gives you a chance to sort through older documents and toss or shred whatever you no longer need. As you put everything back, mark out spaces for all your office gadgets and any necessary supplies you need. Giving everything in your office a permanent home is a simple and effective way of keeping yourself organized.

Cleaning Your Area

Clear books and binders off your bookshelves and give each shelf a thorough dusting. Bookshelves are excellent at accumulating dust; this becomes extremely noticeable when you crack open an old binder that’s been sitting for a long time. Next, turn your duster to your desk and give the surface a thorough wipe. Consider investing in a can of compressed air to help clean your keyboard, headphones, and other electronics. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can open up the interior of your work computer and blow the dust out from there as well. Finally, sanitize high-contact objects and surfaces like mice, keyboards, remote controls, and light switches. Everyone’s home office looks a little different, so tailor your cleaning approach to what best meets your needs. 

Working in a clean and organized home environment is a worthwhile investment that can help boost your positivity and productivity. While the end of this whole ordeal appears to be on the horizon, there’s no telling how much longer this pandemic will go on. Want to get a head start on making sure your office building is ready to welcome workers back? Give Regency Cleaning a call at 403-520-7788 today!