Preparing for Flu Season

While COVID-19 is still fresh on everyone’s mind, the last thing we need to be dealing with is flu season. Luckily, the same basic protocols that keep us safe from COVID-19 can also help us fight the seasonal flu.

Public Health Protocols

Public health protocols that are in place for COVID-19 are also effective at slowing the spread of the regular seasonal flu. In fact, last year’s flu season was cut short after the implementation of restrictions in the spring, and this year’s flu season has been quiet so far. While many Calgarians may still be working from home, some businesses may be forced into working in-person to access equipment or spaces that are necessary for their work. If you’re still travelling to an in-person workplace, abiding by public health protocols will help keep you safe from both COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.


Thorough Cleaning

Professional cleaning organizations, such as Regency Cleaning, have years of experience in the best practices for sanitizing and disinfecting workspaces. Even before 2020 brought cleaning to the forefront of everyone’s mind, we worked in the background to keep office spaces clean and safe. Our stringent protocols and high standards for quality have not changed; our crew works tirelessly to ensure that your office is kept safe. Our experienced team wields heavy-duty equipment to help them get the job done.


Do Your Part

Keeping yourself and those around you safe doesn’t require a degree in immunology. When it comes to preventing the spread of the flu or COVID-19, simple steps are often the most effective tool we have. Ensure that you wash your hands regularly, and are conscious of when you’ve made contact with high-contact surfaces. Avoid touching your face if you have not washed your hands. This includes making adjustments to your mask; you should ensure your hands are clean first before you do so. This year more than ever, it’s important to stay at home if you feel sick and be empathetic to your workers and/or colleagues. Finally, getting your flu shot is an important step in protecting yourself from the flu and helping to keep those around you safe as well. 

The light at the end of the tunnel grows nearer, and we are all in this together. Regency Cleaning is here to help Calgarians weather the rest of this storm and we plan to come out on the other side stronger than ever. Give us a call at 403-520-7788 today to see how we can be a part of your cleaning plan.