Holiday Cleaning

This year’s holiday season might look a little different than other years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try our best to have a joyous (and safe!) time. While your holiday dinners might be a bit smaller and your family visits are happening virtually, cleaning still needs to take place. In fact, this year has made it clear just how important it is to keep your work and living space clean. Regency Cleaning is continuing to offer our cleaning, disinfection, and janitorial services over the holidays and into the new year.

Office Cleaning

Although many businesses are working from home, there are some places for which this simply isn’t an option. You’ll want to take extra care this holiday season to ensure that your place of work receives a thorough cleaning. Why not let Regency Cleaning take care of the busy work so you can rest assured that your office will be safe and ready for your return in the new year? Working from home over the holidays? Thank you for doing your part to help keep Calgarians safe. If it’s been some time since you’ve been into the office, it might not hurt to have our team come and clear the layer of dust that’s built up. 

Post-Holiday Cleanup

Although the holidays will be smaller and quieter this year, you still need to prepare your home for the season. When the festivities are over, it may feel like a hassle to tidy up all the packaging and decorations. While everyone has figured out some way of shoving everything away until next year, we suggest taking a bit of extra time to properly sort and clean every item so it can be put away neatly and orderly. This will save you time when it’s time for the holidays again next year, and also brings you the peace of mind of knowing that your festive equipment is stored safely. 

Despite the times, we here at Regency Cleaning wish all our clients a happy and safe holiday season. Are you in need of extra help to clean your office or retail space this holiday season? Regency Cleaning is here for you. Reach us at 403-520-7788 today!