If It’s Not Easy Being Green, Why Do We Do It?

It’s not that easy being green

Having to spend each day the color of the leaves

When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold

Or something much more colorful like that

  • Kermit the Frog

Kermit famously taught us that being “green” isn’t easy, and when you find yourself faced with a laundry list of ways that customers and the marketplace are pressuring you to go eco-friendly, you probably agree with him! However, the trend is strongly towards making environmentally friendly business decisions, and Regency Cleaning has ‘hopped’ on board. That means that we can help you to be green while you just sit back and relax!

What is “Green Cleaning”?

Green or eco-friendly cleaning is any cleaning technique or product which significantly reduces or entirely avoids harmful impacts on both people and the natural environment. This means avoiding toxic and harsh chemicals, and reducing electricity and water usage, as well as using cleaning products more efficiently. Green cleaning is more than simply using water, however; it still ensures that the same (or better) results are achieved as with conventional chemical-based cleaning.

Benefits of Going Green to Your Company

By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning, your office, residence, or retail space will see better air quality, reduced allergic reactions, and better health outcomes among workers. Chemical cleaning products may have warnings on them about acute effects, such as “poison”, “corrosive”, or “irritant”, terms which mean that a single incident of contact, inhalation, or ingestion could have very negative effects. But did you know that there’s no labelling for the negative effects on human health of exposure to low levels of cleaning chemicals over a longer period of time? Cleaning chemicals linger in the air long after they are applied, and exposure to these residues can cause rashes, exacerbate asthma, or stimulate new or existing allergies among employees. Above and beyond avoiding these negative health effects, offices with clean air have been shown to have increased worker productivity by as much as 10%!

Further, using a green cleaning company for your janitorial or cleaning needs provides you with a chance to enhance your LEED credits. Our staff is trained to use 100% green cleaning techniques, and each of our cleaning programs follow best practice guidelines as outlined in the LEED EB:O&M manual. This could mean up to 6 LEED credits for your building.

Going green with your cleaning company should cost you no more than using a service which doesn’t prioritize being eco-friendly, and has the potential to save you money. At these prices, and with those benefits, green cleaning is a no-brainer! Contact us today to get a FREE estimate.