Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Do you know how to prevent “hard water” calcium buildups in your sinks? What’s the most efficient rotation for making sure your windows and floors are sparkling? Is there a concern with using this chemical, or would that one be safer and do a better job? And how will you find time to research and implement a regimen which will keep your office or retail space clean and inviting? Here’s the good news: you don’t have to. Commercial cleaning companies like Regency Cleaning have the experience, budget, drive, and knowledge of safety and techniques to keep your space clean, healthy, and welcoming.

Clean Isn’t Optional!

Cleanliness is a health and safety issue. If your floors are obstructed with paper towels, refuse, mud, and puddles, your clients or employees may find themselves unsteady on their feet. A customers’ fall can even lead to insurance claims if they are injured! A more everyday concern is the spreading of germs around the office. You probably have a high density of people, which also means a high density of germs…germs which make people sick and mean you lose productive days. Regular disinfecting by trained professionals will protect your employees and clients both in the cleaning process and while they use the freshly cleaned space. If you hire a commercial cleaning company, you don’t have to store potentially hazardous chemicals onsite and deal with the hassle of making sure your employees are safe while they clean. That’s our job, and we’ll take care of the chemicals; we know how to handle and store them safely.

Enhance Your “Green Cred”

That’s Green “cred” not “crud”, for those of you who are wordplay fans! Traditional cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals, which both wear on surfaces and can cause health concerns when employees and clients come into contact with, or breath, them. Regency Cleaning uses green cleaning products and techniques, enhancing the health of your space. If you’re part of a sustainability reporting scheme, this should also give you an extra boost! Plus, employees show higher levels of satisfaction when they work in a clean environment, and customers will think more highly of your business if you present a clean and tidy face to the world. Our next post goes into more depth on why we choose to be ‘green’.

We Have the Experience

Effective cleaning products and techniques are constantly being re-evaluated. A commercial cleaning company can stay on top of these innovations, and if it has good management and well-trained employees, can implement them in your space. At Regency Cleaning, we have 30+ years of experience in the industry, meaning that we can clean efficiently and effectively, and tailor to your needs and budget. You have a business to run; let us give you the gift of time so you can do what you do best, and will do what we do best.

Give Regency Cleaning a call today at 403-520-7788 for a quote, and we’ll help you have the cleanest business around!