The Effectiveness of a Clean Space

Is workplace performance being affected by clutter? Designing an efficient workflow for you and those around you is the one and only key to productivity.

Minimal Distractions – Studies have shown that workplaces with minimalist designs and optimised workflow promote efficiency. It’s the same reason that we enjoy having a clean desk. A clean workplace looks inviting, and makes us feel prepared. With less objects to distract us on a daily basis, we’re able to keep our minds more on task.

A Messy Space is a constant reminder that there’s more work that needs to be done. Even though often cleaning is a low priority on our work place to do lists, the feeling of having something still to finish can make our task at hand seem much bigger as the finish line looks the much farther away.

You Can’t Hire Anyone To Declutter For You – What you can do is hire a cleaning service to maintain your office while you and your employees are away. At Regency Cleaning, this can be done outside office hours such as late nights and weekends. While you juggle work, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning making your To-Do list seem longer than it is.

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