Regular Floor Maintenance

Regular floor cleaning can help save your floors from long-term discolouration. Stay protected using a hard surface finish, or maintain a consistent carpet colour with regularly scheduled treatments. There are plenty of options for you to keep your floors looking fresh.

Carpets There’s nothing worse than that moment when you move a couch from its position in a room to discover that the carpet you’ve been walking on is much darker than the one that was originally installed. Maintain your carpet’s colour and fresh scent with a regular cleaning. We use a combination of wet shampoo and dry powder to remove any ground-in dirt or smells that may be emanating from beneath your feet.

Protect From Scratches – Hardwood floors add a unique feel to a space. Everything about them, from the sound they make when you walk on them, to the smell of a newly refinished surface give those who set foot a one-of-a-kind feeling. But, hardwood is a natural material, and therefore is sensitive to scuffs and scratches. A good wood polish resin will help prevent your beautiful hardwood from being marked or discoloured. We also polish marble, granite, and tile for the same reasons. Over time, these surfaces can begin to look dry, but with routine polishes, you’ll practically see your reflection.

Vinyl Stripping – If your workplace contains some type of kitchen or workshop area, it’s likely you have a non-slippery vinyl flooring to protect your employees from falls. The only downside to this type of flooring is that vinyl is very susceptible to holding on to dirt in small grooves of the surface. A floor like this should be routinely replaced for safety as well as design. We offer vinyl stripping and replacement services conveniently outside of normal work hours.

It’s never been easier to maintain good flooring in your building. As you look ahead this fall, let us look down at your floor’s needs to spot any replacement or refurbishment you may need. Call us today for a quote! 403 520 7788