Autumn Services from Regency Cleaning

Here at Regency cleaning we hope that you’ve had a lucrative summer for your retail, office, or hospitality space. Now let’s crack on with that to-do list, and get you a cleaner space before the fall customers arrive!

Upholstery Cleaning – Have some Lazy Larrys been putting their feet on your couch? Upholstery damage can onset gradually, or quickly with the spill of a wine glass or the scuff of a boot. Regardless of how much damage has been done to your favourite white sofas, you can trust Regency Cleaning; our years of experience have given us the knowledge to know the difference between things like acrylic and natural fibres, leather and pleather, or suede and ecsaine. And if you don’t know what material it is you have on hand, well, we can figure it out for you.

Carpet Cleaning – The same expertise goes for any kind of carpet. Our green cleaning chemicals give you the satisfaction of knowing that any chemical we treat your carpet with is safe. It’s fine for the air your employees breathe, or even for the hands of a toddler learning to walk. Clean and harmless.

Floor Stripping, Replacement, or Finish – If business is slow, take this opportunity to replenish your flooring. We do vinyl stripping, hardwood polishing, and buffing of tile or marble. Or if business isn’t slowing down, lucky you! Our excellent team of Regency cleaners work flexible hours, and we can fit around the ol’ 9-5 grind.

We make it so easy, all that’s left for you to do is call us! A Calgary-based manager would be happy to provide a quote for you today: (403) 520 7788