Keeping it Clean as the Seasons Change

You don’t want cold weather to affect your work this fall. Damage to a shop or office space can set work back unnecessarily. Here are some things you can keep in mind as the weather gets cold.

Concrete in Cold Weather poses a risk to clients and employees alike. Have you assessed where in your customer or client areas could become potential tripping hazards during the winter months? Snowfall isn’t the only thing that could create a slipping risk. Frost and frozen rain from a drain pipe can be the culprits as well. Snow removal or salting services can be provided by us on a regular basis, and we can advise on any safety related cleaning tasks.

Air Circulation and Mould become more prominent issues during winter months, as stuffy air conditions can trap moisture inside the a building. This can attract bacteria and insects. We can help you to determine if your area has adequate ventilation or if there is a routine cleaning procedure (like window, carpet, or duct cleaning) that you can schedule with us on a monthly basis.

Debris: Autumn’s arrival also means there will be plenty more leaves and twigs that may stick to feet and be brought into your premises. But don’t fear! Sign up for our carpet rental services, where we replenish your entrance with a clean dry mat on a routine basis. Read more about that, here.

In short, we are delighted to help you start on your fall cleaning tasks. Our team of professionals can speak to you about signing up for routine cleaning with us. Call us today! (403) 520 7788