Wastewater Disposal

You may have seen wastewater disposal mentioned as part of our green cleaning routines, but few Calgarians know why this part of our cleaning practice is so important to us.

We Live In a Dry City where the average July temperature is 23° by day and 9° at night. That’s because we have very little humidity to retain heat in those summer months, and lots of wind to blow away any trace of warmth leftover from the day. Ontarians and folks from the coasts see our dry weather as unkind, but we know as long as we take care of the water supply we’re provided with, we’ll be just fine.

Where Do We Get Our Water?

Calgary water comes from the Bow River and the Elbow River. The Bow supplies the Bearspaw treatment plant with the water it processes, and the Elbow feeds the Glenmore Reservoir which is processed by the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant.

Why Does Regency Cleaning Care?

If you’ve ever toured one of these great facilities or read about what they do, you will have learned that Alberta Environment actually has a limit on how much water we can extract from these sources for our own water supply. Therefore, it is crucial that these facilities treat the water as effectively as possible when it re-enters the water cycle, just as they carefully treat it before it arrives in our homes. Their job is made much easier when we avoid heavy contamination of water using chemicals like ammonia, bleach, or types of acid in home cleaners. More resources have to be used to treat water like this, or less water can reintegrate into the supply. Enough of that, and we could actually face water scarcity in a city like Calgary.

We may not have to worry about water scarcity today, but as Calgary’s population grows, we hope that more homes and businesses will get on-board to the idea of staying mindful of our water cycle. Want your business to be a part of that? Make the switch to Regency Cleaning for your office cleaning service today! 403 520 7788