Waste Disposal and Recycling

We clean up for many businesses in Calgary. Some have been running for years; some are in their early days as a business. Some have great waste disposal measures in place; others put all refuse into the same place. We’re not here to preach about environmentalism, but we thought we’d use this blog to share with you some of the facts about waste disposal, and lead by example when it comes to recycling.

How Much Waste Can We Prevent?

The City of Calgary has gathered research on the average family’s garbage disposal habits. What their evidence shows is that the average family produces 15% recyclable materials, 65% compostables (food and garden waste combined) and only 20% of waste that should be deposited in a landfill. You may think that 20% landfill waste is quite small, but when you take up the practice of separating waste as it’s created, you’re left with not much that actually needs to be dumped.

What Can You Do in your workplace to reduce the amount of landfill waste that’s created? That’s easy. Most office trash is paper, cardboard, or plastic, which means it can be recycled. Other kitchen waste can be separated into organic material or packaging. Food waste can actually stay less smelly if separated into a covered compost bin. Food waste includes coffee grounds and filters, teabags, fruit peels, even the leftover meatloaf you trashed and replaced with McDonald’s. That too.

Why Do We Think It’s Important to be mindful of the environment with our cleaning service? One good reason is because there is a finite amount of landfill space that our earth has to offer, and if we can reduce landfill waste to 20%, we can make that space last longer. It also helps the natural decomposition of landfill waste if gas from rotting organic waste is kept separate.

So when you hear us talk about the tools we use – like our green chemicals, reusable microfiber cloths, or energy efficient vacuums – you’ll know that it’s all going towards a better environment for Calgary and beyond. Are you a Calgary-based office or retail space? Call us today! 403-520-7788