Retail Spaces

Get the best bang-for-buck out of your shop space by making a great impression before you’ve even engaged a customer. The most successful businesses have a “show-don’t-tell” ethos, which is why it’s important you get your shop in shipshape!

Retail Spaces are Especially Hard to Clean because of the hours you have available. Especially if you want to give the space a deep-clean without disrupting footfall. This can be difficult in summer months when young people are out of school and tourists join the crowds of daytime shoppers.

Luckily We Offer Flexible Cleaning Schedules for our janitorial services in order to meet the specific needs of our clients. By hiring our janitorial service to clean outside of normal operating hours, you save the look of your store and your employees from the burden of trying to multitask. Instead, they can focus on customers while showing off your products or services in a good looking space.

Upholstery, Window Cleaning, and Floor Treatment (for ANY type of floor):

While you have us taking care of the space, why not get a full treatment? With more than three decades in the industry, we are reliable and up-to-date with the best methods to clean any kind of flooring (vinyl, tile, marble, hardwood, etc.). The same expertise applies to upholstery, where we do a pre-assessment and pre-treatment of any furniture before cleaning.

We hope you’re not waiting any longer to save your staff from the dusting and mopping. Get us for your next store cleaning and save your employee’s selling hours! Call us at 403 520 7788.