Yeehaw – Everyone’s Off Enjoying Stampede

Did you know that for every dollar spent at Stampede, it’s estimated that people will spend $2.65 in Calgary? That’s great for local businesses and events – we can all feel the city surge with people for this special time of the year.

Be the Office Angel

Arrange a professional cleaning for these busy days in your office or retail space. Whether it’s preparing your store for the flood of customers, or anticipating your staff’s return from some days off in the sun, you’ll make everyone happier by arranging a relaxed and tidy environment for your team to return to.

It Can Be A Tough Monday Morning

Returning to the office after the weekend can be a drag. But you can boost morale by evoking reactions like, “Hey, that sofa looks cleaner than before!” or “Wow, those clean windows make such a difference to the office!” You may not have noticed how dirty things have become, but our staff will. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we know how to safely recover even the toughest carpet or upholstery damage.

Floors Need Re-Doing?

‘Invasive’ cleaning (the kind that might involve moving furniture or stripping floors) is tough to do when everyone’s at work. Why not arrange a service around your employee’s departure? You can replace floors, get upholstery cleaned and more. Plus, the back-to-work blues of your employees will be remedied when they return.

Trust us, we know how a clean space really can put a smile on someone’s face. That’s why we love what we do. We’re proud of our 30 years of experience serving Calgary, especially this time of year. Don’t wait! Plan your cleaning service right now so you can forget about work and enjoy the summer. (403 520 7788)