How Often Should A Restaurant Kitchen Be Cleaned?

how often should a restaurant kitchen be cleaned

Thorough cleaning is essential for all commercial kitchens and restaurants since the kitchen is one of the most important areas in a restaurant that needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected for the smooth running of the business. If you do not properly clean your restaurant’s kitchen, you could potentially run into foodborne illnesses, fire risks due to grease build-up, health and safety issues, and sanitation problems among many other issues. Any of these could lead to your restaurant being shut down by the health board in your area. Not only will this cost you money, but it can also negatively impact your reputation in the food and service industry and result in losing customers for your business.

The primary goal of cleaning a kitchen is to provide a clean, well-sanitized, and safe environment regularly. Daily cleaning is needed for all types of kitchens, and whether you own a small takeout kitchen or a big restaurant, thorough cleaning needs to be done. The following article addresses the question of how often restaurant kitchens should be cleaned, and the specific areas of a restaurant’s kitchen that require deeper and more frequent cleaning.

You should have your restaurant kitchen’s grease traps cleaned at least every three months. Some busier restaurants also have grease traps cleaned almost every month, and the frequency of cleaning will depend on how busy your commercial kitchen or restaurant is.

How Often Should Restaurant Ice Machines Be Cleaned?

The simplest answer to this question is that your restaurant’s ice machines need to be cleaned at least once every six months. However, you may end up cleaning the ice machines depending on the type of ice machine and its location in your restaurant’s kitchen. When cleaning your ice machine, ensure that you clean all areas such as the interior, exterior, the compressor, as well as the ice machine’s storage bin. To clean your ice machine, you will have to remove all the ice, ensure that the machine is turned off, and clean it with the appropriate ice machine cleaner and sanitizer. Note that there are specialized cleaners that can be purchased for commercial or restaurant ice machine cleanings. Cleaning and sanitizing all the areas of your ice machine ensures that you are providing your customers with clean ice cubes for the next six months when you schedule your next ice machine cleaning.

How Often Should Restaurant Restrooms Be Cleaned?

Several health guidelines recommend that restaurant restrooms should be cleaned at least once a day. However, some restaurants may need to clean their restrooms more frequently depending on how busy they are and the amount of visitors they receive. It is also recommended that a restaurant should have trained janitorial staff in charge of the cleaning, and to have a restaurant cleaning log which is an important tool for keeping track of the cleanliness and disinfection of a restaurant’s restroom.

Restaurant cleaning is not an easy job nor a small feat! Regency Cleaning Services can take the burden off restaurant owners and staff to give you the cleanest experience at your establishment. Contact us today!