How Often Should Office Carpets Be Cleaned?

how often should office carpets be cleaned

Carpets are a good commercial flooring option for your office and can be easy to install compared to other flooring materials. However, carpets are not resistant to stains and dirt so they need regular cleaning. Clean office carpets play an important role in providing a positive impression of your business, and like it or not, dirt and debris will always pile up on your carpet! This can occur very often if your office has high foot traffic. Without the proper care, your office carpet can lose its elegance and may even become a deterrent for your prospective customers. To maintain a professional image, you will need to implement a carpet cleaning strategy for your office carpet. Read ahead to learn how often you should be cleaning your office carpets.

Factors That Affect Frequency Of Office Carpet Cleaning

How often your office carpets should be cleaned depends on many factors, such as the following:

Carpet Type

Carpets are available in various styles, designs, pile types, and densities. Light-coloured carpets should be cleaned often due to their tendency to reveal stained areas easily. Carpets with high pile type and density also tend to trap more dirt and debris so it is also important to consider the carpet type before deciding on a cleaning schedule for your office carpet.

Size Of Carpet

The size of the carpet also affects the frequency of carpet cleaning. Bigger carpets have to be cleaned regularly and small carpets that are placed in the center of the office can trap dirt faster and should be cleaned daily.

Level Of Foot Traffic

Higher foot traffic can lead to dirtier carpets within a short time. To alleviate this, vacuum and spot clean your office carpet daily to maintain the lifespan of the carpet, and also consider investing in a professional deep carpet cleaning service once every 3 months if your office carpet receives heavy foot traffic.

Weather Conditions

Consider the climate when planning how often to clean your office carpets. If your company is located in an area that receives rainy or harsh winter weather conditions, it is recommended to clean your office carpet once every 3 months. Offices that are located in dry and sunny localities can wait 6 months or longer between each carpet cleaning.

Tips For Maintaining Office Carpets Between Cleanings

Below are some additional tips that will help extend the life of your office carpets between each cleaning, and will also help you determine how often you should clean your office carpets:


Regularly vacuuming your office carpets is one of the most effective ways of removing dirt and debris from your carpet. Ensure that you are using the right vacuum and move the vacuum head slowly over the carpet in forward/backward and side-to-side directions. Office areas or corridors should be vacuumed at least 3-4 times a week. Lower traffic areas such as conference rooms and executive offices can be vacuumed once a week.

Spot Cleaning

It is advised to treat a stain spot sooner rather than later to improve your chances of successfully removing it. It is also recommended to have someone regularly check your office carpeting for any stains to spot clean them promptly.

A professional carpet cleaning service is a crucial investment for any business owner in order to keep your office carpets looking immaculate and to have them last longer. Regency Cleaning Services will help ensure that your facility gives the best first impression to all visitors and employees. To get started, contact us today!