How To Clean A Commercial Kitchen

how to clean a commercial kitchen

If you are running a restaurant, hotel, corporate kitchen, or a busy catering business then you must know that cleanliness is key, and keeping your kitchen clean in a busy environment can seem like a very difficult task. Hygiene standards in commercial kitchens are very high to prevent foodborne illnesses, therefore it is essential to maintain a clean environment for the smooth running of your operations. The following article addresses all the key areas of cleaning a commercial kitchen to achieve a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

What Should Be
Cleaned In A Commercial Kitchen Daily?

The following is a list of cleaning tasks that should be covered in your commercial kitchen daily:

  • Run cloth napkins, microfiber cloths, tablecloths, and staff aprons in the washing machine
  • Dispose of garbage, trash, and recycling
  • Clean sinks, taps, and all handwashing stations
  • Check ingredients to dispose of any expired products
  • Ensure there is a stock of clean sponges and cloths available for quick wipe-downs
  • Clean spillages as soon as possible
  • Hobs should be cleaned using a specialist hob-cleaning product
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor

How To Deep Clean A Commercial Kitchen?

How to clean commercial kitchen equipment and how often? Regular cleaning is not just essential for the health of your staff and customers, but it is also necessary for equipment maintenance and to increase longevity. 

Hobs and ovens

The oven’s interior should be cleaned using a specialist oven cleaning product once a week and commercial catering ovens should be deep cleaned with the help of a professional cleaning service once every six months as well. Clean the racks, walls, door, and door handles of the ovens and ranges as part of your weekly oven maintenance routine. All spillages should be cleaned after each shift to avoid grease and grime build-up. 


Ensure that you boil out your fryer once or twice a week, and clean the fryer baskets as well.

Dishwashers and ware washers

These units are considered self-cleaning, but it is also important to clean the interior and filter and to delime the dishwasher.

Coffee Machines

Espresso and coffee machines should be flushed with hot water and a specialist cleaning fluid at least once a week.

How to clean a commercial kitchen hood?

It is important to clean a commercial kitchen hood because a clogged cooker hood can have an unhealthy effect on the rest of your kitchen because it won’t filter vapour and condensation adequately. This can lead to unhygienic build-up of grease and grime on other surfaces such as fixtures, walls, floors, and equipment. 

How to clean a commercial kitchen floor

Your commercial kitchen’s floors should be cleaned every day. To thoroughly clean the floors, start by vacuuming or sweeping to remove dust and debris particles. After sweeping, mop the floor with a combination of warm water and vinegar or a heavy-duty cleaning solution. Any spillages should be cleaned right away, as they provide a hygiene hazard and also pose a risk to your staff of slips and falls. 

How to clean commercial kitchen mats

Ensure that rubber mats in your commercial kitchen are cleaned and maintained since they can pose a slipping and tripping hazard to employees.

It’s important to be aware that using harsh cleaners might result in damaging the surface of your mats. To clean them effectively, start by filling your sink with hot water and adding a couple of squirts of dish soap. Using a clean cloth, gently wipe away or scrub the stains as required.

Countertops and hard surfaces

These surfaces are frequently used for food preparation and should be cleaned a few times during the day. If not wiped properly with a disinfectant, grease, bacteria, and grime can accumulate and make the surface a haven for bacteria.

To operate a restaurant successfully, you will need to dedicate several hours of time to keep the restaurant clean and hygienic so that it can be safe for your employees and customers. Regency Cleaning Services can clean your commercial kitchen thoroughly so that you can use your time wisely and focus on ways to make your business a success. Call us today for more information to get started.