The Importance of Proper Restroom Cleaning

No one will deny the importance of the restroom in any commercial building. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; when nature calls, you know it’s time for a trip to the restroom! Therefore, as one of the more important rooms in your commercial space, you owe it to both your clients and your company to ensure that it meets everyone’s expectations.

Send the Right Message

As much as you might wish otherwise, clients and employees will associate the quality you keep your bathroom in with the overall quality of your business. This effect becomes doubly important if your place of business is a restaurant, or any other place that’s serving food. Clean, orderly, and sanitary restrooms are an easy and effective way of ensuring that you’re sending the right message. Taking the care necessary to maintain proper restroom facilities shows that you’re willing to take the same amount of care when it comes to your business.

Safety Hazards

Besides sending the right message, a dirty bathroom can also become a danger to its users. Although toilets and faucets are surfaces that can easily transmit disease-causing bacteria or viruses from person to person. All it takes is one sick person! Proper cleaning and disinfecting is critical to prevent your restroom from getting someone ill. Regency Cleaning understands this well, and takes extra care to ensure that every faucet handle, doorknob, and counter that’s frequently touched is thoroughly sanitized. Aside from this, we also make sure stains on walls or the floor are taken care of, improving the overall cleanliness of the space.

Cleaning the Right Way

Regency Cleaning understands the importance of not only making sure your washrooms are clean, but also ensuring that our cleaning methods are not being harmful to the environment. We pride ourselves on the green cleaning techniques and products that we use to minimize the impact we’re having on the space around us. Our cleaning agents are non-toxic, powerful, and effective at getting the job done. When you choose us, you’re also contributing to a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

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