Keeping Your Office Tidy During Business Hours

A clean and tidy office space promotes efficient and effective work. However, maintaining a clean office space requires constant attention, which is not always convenient during a busy work day. What are some simple ways you can help keep your office functioning at max capacity?

Office Clutter

You’ve likely heard the expression “clean desk, clean mind”. It’s true that the state of your workspace can often be a reflection of your mind. Office clutter not only hinders your productivity and workflow, but also makes it harder for cleaning staff to do their work. Although decluttering might feel like an unpleasant chore you’d rather put off indefinitely, it doesn’t need to be that hard! Get started by allocating spaces and “homes” for all of your office supplies. Ensure that things are put back where they belong once you’ve finished using them. It’s much easier to maintain an organized desk, so set limits for how much clutter is allowed to accumulate before you take action to prevent the need for another massive cleaning.

Proper Disinfecting

Most offices make heavy use of shared supplies and spaces, which can be really great for encouraging cooperation and effective teamwork. However, it also has the unintended side effect of spreading bacteria and other pathogenic particles around. Who knows how many hands touch the stapler or the hole puncher! Many offices don’t disinfect as much as they should, which can lead to the rapid spread of a cold or flu. Disinfecting refers to the killing of microscopic pathogens that can lead to disease or illness. Although most cleaning companies will disinfect as part of their service, you can also do your part to reduce the spread of illness by washing your hands and disinfecting commonly used office supplies regularly.

Cleaning During Business Hours

While most clients opt to have cleaning services done after hours, there are some who may prefer having cleaning done during the day. Regency Cleaning understands the difficulty of having cleaners working during business hours. We strive to optimize our cleaning protocols to ensure the least amount of disruption to your workflow and your workers. Beyond that, we ensure that adequate signage is present to alert workers and clients of ongoing cleaning work, as well as drawing their attention to potential hazards like wet floors.

Oftentimes, we can think of our surroundings as a manifestation of our mind. Keeping our work area clean and uncluttered can help keep our thoughts clear as well. Want to get started on your way to a cleaner office today? Contact Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788!