Keeping Carpets Clean all Winter Long

Calgarians are used to enduring long cold winters, but our carpets often aren’t up for the challenge. 5+ months of winter weather leads to accumulated dirt, mud, and grime that is tedious to scrub off, only to do it all over again next season!

Regular Maintenance

Carpets should be regularly maintained throughout the winter. Keeping carpets clean helps to improve indoor air quality, makes your office space more aesthetically pleasing, and makes for less work later. Regency Cleaning understands this and has a strict procedure to ensure maximal carpet cleanliness. Our technicians make use of high powered vacuums that work deep in the fibers of the carpet, and we also apply a carpet protector to help reduce static ad avoid furniture stain. Our cleaning reagents are environmentally friendly and safe for you and your workers. Regular maintenance will help to prolong the lifespan of your carpets and keep them looking fresh!

Use Mats

Want to avoid getting your carpets dirty in the first place? Consider using mats this winter. Mats are easy to remove and clean, protecting your more valuable carpet. While carpet is tedious to deal with and difficult to replace, a damaged or dirty mat can be easily replaced with another one. They’re also perfect to put in temporarily for the winter season. The right mat doesn’t need to detract from your office’s appearance; choose mats that go well with the space you’re dealing with! Regency Cleaning offers a full winter mat rental service, and we’ll even replace mats for you as necessary.

Clean Outside

Although it may seem unintuitive, you should also clear the area outside of your building, as well as any common areas, lobbies, or waiting rooms. These areas face high traffic and see a lot of dirt, mud, and snow. Keeping these areas clear of snow helps to reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked in further. Moreover, it’s important to keep these common areas clean as they are likely the form the first impression that clients get of your business!

Regency Cleaning is here to help you keep your place of business clean, even in the face of tough winter conditions. If you’ve got carpets that are looking a little worse for wear, give us a call at 403-520-7788 today!