Keeping your Office Dust-Free

Nothing else is quite as pervasive in the modern office as dust. It gets everywhere and every time you think you’ve gotten the upper hand, dust always comes back in the end. It seems that no matter how often you vacuum and clean, dust continues to form. What can we do about dust to make it a bit more bearable?

Components of Dust

Simply put, dust is a combination of tiny particles from a variety of sources. In the environment, dust is composed of particles such as soil bits and pollution. In a home or office, however, the dust you generally encounter is mostly made up of human skin cells! In addition, dust can also contain carpet fibres, lint, hair, and other fibres from textiles or fabrics. 

After the Dust Settles

Dust is essentially ubiquitous throughout the office space, but there are certain areas that seem to attract dust more than others. One of the greatest culprits are computer fans and air intakes. We rely on our computers every day and frequently complain when our browsers are slow and performance becomes sluggish. When’s the last time you checked your system’s air intakes for dust buildup? Window blinds and curtains are another common place where dust likes to linger. The last thing you want when you open your curtains is to get showered in those tiny particles!

Dealing with Dust

Dusting computers and window blinds may not seem like a lot of work. However, dust also settles into carpet fibres, rugs, cloth, furniture, and a host of other surfaces. These surfaces can prove to be much more difficult and tedious to clean. This is where Regency Cleaning steps in. Our powerful truck-mounted equipment and experienced cleaning crew are here to help you eradicate dust on all kinds of surfaces. 

At the end of the day, dust is not going anywhere. As long as we have enclosed indoor spaces where we work or live in, we will have to deal with it. The good news is that we have ways of dealing with dust so it has a minimal impact on our lives. While dusting computers and wiping down window blinds are tasks you may want to do yourself, it’s the big-ticket items, such as carpets or flooring, where you’ll want professional solutions. Regency Cleaning is ready to help as one of those solutions. Give us a call at 403-520-7788 today!