Reducing Dust in the Office

Some battles are constant uphill climbs, and the fight against dust is certainly one of those. You can dust your desks and tables as often as you want and you can be sure that more will be back to take its place. Some days, you may feel like you should just give up and accept the inevitable. However, it’s in your best interest to pick up that duster and get back to it!

Where Does Dust Come From?

Often times it can feel like dust appears out of thin air. We’ve all seen the countless little particles floating around when the sunlight hits the window just right. As it turns out, dead human skin cells constitute a major portion of common office dust. In addition, you’ve got plant pollen, tiny loose fibres from your carpet or furniture, “waste” products from dust mites, and any soil particles that blow in from outside. Therefore, dust isn’t going away anytime soon! To make matters trickier, it loves to get trapped in carpets, curtains, corners, and in other infrequently disturbed areas of the office. 

Is Dust Harmful?

Maintaining a high level of indoor air quality is important to many people. While most dust particles are relatively harmless, they can irritate lungs in some people, especially those who have conditions like asthma. Some people may also be allergic to components of dust. Dust mite feces are a common allergen in many homes and offices.

How Can I Reduce Dust?

Although the gathering of dust may be inevitable, you can help make the cleaning process a lot more streamlined. Try and reduce the amount of surface clutter that piles on your work space. You might find it difficult to part with items that have frequented your desk for a while, but finding a tucked away home for small knick knacks can make a big difference. As an added bonus, a decluttered desk is a more productive work space for you to enjoy! Get in the habit of regularly vacuuming carpets and other thick fibrous areas that can trap a lot of dust. If you are having difficulty finding the time or don’t know if you’re doing a thorough job, it might be time to give Regency Cleaning a call!

Regency Cleaning has the tools, techniques, and expertise required to ensure that dust has a minimal impact on your office’s air quality. Reach us at 403-520-7788 to find out what we’re all about.