Preventing the Spread of Influenza

Nobody wants to get the flu. For most, the flu means days of nasty symptoms, headache, and missed deadlines. Crowded indoor spaces, like many offices, are common culprits when it comes to spreading the flu virus around. How can keeping a clean office environment help reduce the spread of disease?

How Does Influenza Spread?

Let’s imagine your coworker comes into work feeling a little under the weather. They have the usual runny nose, cough, and sore throat kind of symptoms. You notice they have a tendency to cover their cough with their hand, and will then immediately go back to typing at their desk. Take a moment and consider all of the surfaces and objects that your coworker might touch this day. Shared office supplies like staples, printers, and pens are perhaps some of the worst culprits. It doesn’t take much for you to use one of the above items that your coworker used before you and expose yourself to viral particles. Fortunately, we have an excellent way of defending ourselves. Washing our hands is a simple and effective way of reducing the spread of disease causing agents like the flu.

Flu in the Office

But what about carpets, floors, walls, and windows? While we aren’t touching these surfaces with our hands, carpets and rugs can trap viral particles like the flu. Although the current consensus on flu transmission is through droplets, you can still contract it through inhalation. Offices that diligently clean their carpets and work environment help to reduce dust and other airborne particles and therefore can reduce the spread of disease causing agents. Moreover, having cleaner air quality helps to improve the health of all workers, even outside the context of stopping the spread of the flu.

Helping to stop the spread of the flu and other diseases is everyone’s responsibility! While individuals can do their part by getting vaccinated, washing their hands, and covering their mouth, offices can also help by keeping a clean working environment. Ready to get started? Call Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788 today!