Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning

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A new building project is a massive undertaking and contains many moving parts. Anything you can do to simplify the project’s workflow can help save you time and money. Regency Cleaning’s expertise extends beyond residential cleaning; we also specialize in tackling post-renovation or post-construction cleanups!


As the Dust Settles

Dust is a constant menace both before and after construction. Before you go ahead with painting, washing, or finishing touches, you’ll want to be sure that surfaces are properly prepared. Regency Cleaning makes use of electrostatic disinfection machinery to pick up dust particles with surgical precision. In addition, the charged particles will also trap harmful pathogens and viral particles, causing them to clump together into larger blobs that are easily removed. Our process ensures that surfaces are clean, safe, and dust-free, ready for the next step in your construction project.


Watch Your Floors

Floors have to deal with the brunt of the construction fallout, as gravity causes dust, woodchips, and other debris to accumulate rather quickly. Regency Cleaning has the equipment and technical expertise required to tackle a wide variety of floor cleanup jobs. Our high-power vacuum cleaners are relentless against particles of all sizes. Even carpeted floors are no match for our truck-mounted equipment, specially designed to reach deep within carpet fibres for a more thorough cleaning. Our commitment to green cleaning means we only use products that are non-toxic and safe for both you and the environment. Finally, we extend the life of carpets and reduce static electricity through the application of our carpet protector.


Timely Completion

It is all too common to see a construction project become delayed due to various factors. A professional post-construction cleanup crew can help ensure that your project gets done on time. Regency Cleaning is fully self-sufficient; we bring our own cleaning equipment and reagents so you can stay focused on your other commitments. The last thing you want to deal with as you near the completion of a project is to enter a newly built space only to find it a mess inside!

Regency Cleaning is here to support all your post-construction cleanup needs. You can reach us at 403-520-7788.