When is it Time to Clean Your Carpets?

Cleaning Dirty Carpets

Gradual change is very difficult for us humans to spot. While our brains are excellent at recognizing large differences, cumulative small changes over a long time period become more challenging to see. Carpets are a prime example of this phenomenon. You may look at your carpet now and think it looks in decent shape, but if you had a picture from years ago to compare with you may suddenly feel differently!

Clean Carpets Keep you Safe

If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s the importance of keeping ourselves and our living environment clean to stay safe. Carpets can become nesting grounds for all kinds of harmful pathogens, viruses, or other microscopic particles. In addition, dirty carpets will reduce indoor air quality which will especially impact individuals with breathing conditions, such as asthma. Keeping a clean carpet helps to keep those living and working in the space safe.

Signs your Carpet Needs Cleaning

While stains and scuffs are immediately noticeable and can be spot treated, entire carpeted surfaces that gradually deteriorate over many years can become inconspicuously dirty. You may feel better after a quick vacuum, but the same soft carpet fibers that feel good under your feet are also excellent at trapping dust, debris, and other particles. Because of this, we suggest you at least look into getting your carpets cleaned once a year. It never hurts to do an inspection, and you can decide if cleaning is something you want to proceed with after that.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

A true carpet cleaning requires specialized equipment and the right know-how. Luckily, Regency Cleaning supplies both. Our experienced cleaning crew is ready to tackle the toughest of carpet stains and is equipped with powerful carpet cleaning machinery. Our professional power vacuums are designed with carpets in mind and give a whole new meaning to the term “deep-cleaning”. The cleaner forces hot water and our cleaning reagent mix deep into your carpet fibers to flush out any possible particles that have lodged themselves in there. The cleaning products we use are non-toxic and easygoing on the environment. The result is a shiny carpet that looks and smells as good as new!

If it’s been some time since you last had your carpets cleaned, now might be the perfect time to restore them to their former glory. Give Regency Cleaning a call at 403-520-7788 today!