Pressure Washing Before Spring

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning before. There’s a good reason the term is “spring cleaning” and not “winter cleaning”. Spring brings the promise of better weather and longer days; it’s the perfect reason to get into the spirit of cleaning and setting yourself up for the remainder of the year. Why not treat your office building’s exterior and surrounding area to a refreshing pressure wash as we welcome the warmer months to Calgary?

Benefits of Cleaning Before Spring

Getting major cleaning, such as pressure washing your building’s exterior, completed before spring hits is in your best interest. At this time of year, the worst of the bad weather is presumably over (although Calgary weather never ceases to surprise) and getting your pressure washing done now means that your building will look cleaner for longer. As temperatures rise, cleaning off the grime and gunk caked into your building from the long winter becomes easier. You’re able to catch any issues with your building sooner rather than later and get a head start on tackling them. Finally, a cleaner building coincides very well with the greener landscape and longer days, which can help boost your workers’ spirits and productivity!

Trained Technicians

At Regency Cleaning, our pressure washing technicians are highly trained and experienced to give the most effective kind of wash. This involves taking into account a variety of factors, including suitable equipment to use, the kind of surface that’s being washed, and the kinds of cleaning reagents that will work best. While you might think that just about anyone can do a thorough job cleaning, we’re here to show you just how big the difference that experience and insight can make.

Clean Inside and Out

Many offices focus on cleaning out the interior of their building, and for good reason too. While you and your workers spent the bulk of the day looking inside, the exterior is just an important. Potential customers and future clients will be surveying your building, either actively or passively. A clean building exterior gives off that oh so important positive first impression, and shows that you have an attention to care and detail. You want to present yourself and your company in the best light possible; having the cleanest building on the block is an excellent way to start.

A clean place of work says a lot about the kind of person that runs the place. Give off a good first impression by giving your building exterior the cleaning it deserves! Call Regency Cleaning at 403-520-7788 today.