Spring Window Cleaning

Spring brings warmer weather, greener yards, and longer days. It’s the perfect time to brush the cobwebs off of your home and tackle the rest of the year with a freshly cleaned home. This year, make cleaning your windows a part of your spring cleaning!

Prepare your Tools

Regency Cleaning prides itself in only using green, environmentally friendly cleaning products. You can also choose to go green by avoiding the use of harsh commercial cleaning reagents. Simple at-home remedies are often cheaper and do the job just as well. Start with a simple solution of vinegar and water. If necessary, a small teaspoon of dishwasher soap can help wipe away stubborn stains. Use a soft rage or a sponge to wipe your windows, then dry them with a microfibre cloth. Finish your window cleaning by buffing your windows with paper towel, or with another dry microfiber cloth to be extra environmentally conscious!

Inspect the Sill

After a long winter, there’s always the risk of damage to your window sill due to the expansion and contraction of water and ice due to the drastic difference in temperature between the outside and inside of your home. While you’re removing dirt, grime, and dead bugs, inspect the windowsill and the sealing for any leaks and cracks. It’s best to notice and fix these issues early to avoid potentially costly repairs down the line.

Clean the Glass

The most important part of the window! Pick a nice bright day to clean your window panes. This allows you to see it from different angles and ensure there are no streaks hiding. Choose a bright day but not too much direct sunlight, as direct light can obscure streaks left over from wiping. 

Once all your windows at home are spotless, it’s time to move on to your office building! Regency Cleaning offers high quality professional cleaning services to keep your office windows looking their best. Call us at 403-520-7788 today to find out what we can do for you!