Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

A pressure washer is one of the simplest, most affordable tools available for outside cleaning. But when used incorrectly it can cause damage and other problems. Our trained technicians are able to use the correct pressures and techniques to clean and protect a variety of surfaces. Some common applications include:

Vinyl siding – to remove dirt, grime and mold. If not removed, these unsightly contaminants can cause extensive damage.

Gutters – to keep gutters and downspouts free from blockages and help avoid drainage problems. We take all the waste matter away with us.

Roofs – to kill and remove roof algae. We use contractor grade cleaners and low pressure to make your roof look new again.

Concrete – to remove dirt and grime, as well as irrigation rust stains, from driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Brick and Block – to remove dirt, mold and mildew. Because some types of brick can withstand less pressure than others, we are able to adjust the pressure to suit the particular materials.

Decks and Wood – to restore wood’s natural beauty, we use specialty cleaners and then wash the wood with the optimum amount of pressure. After a neutralizing process, the wood is dried to the proper moisture level, and a contractor grade sealer is applied.

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Pressure Washing

It’s rainy season in Calgary, and whatever the rain doesn’t wash away, you’ll start to see grow out of the edges of concrete. Patches of mud and grass can build up in a garden path or sidewalk, and there’s only one way to do it that won’t break your back or the bank.

Pressure Washing is an easy and effective tool to clean mud and the beginnings of weeds out of your surrounding concrete. It can also be used for roofing or vinyl siding to pressure wash discolouration and stop mould. However, it can cause damage if done improperly. Although it’s just water, pressure washers are powerful tools, and should only be used by those with experience.

As It Is Flood Season, you would be wise to check that all of your gutters and drain spouts are in good working order. A clogged eavestrough can do as much damage as a rising water table when enough water builds up too close to a building. Our pressure washing services are great for drain pipes and eavestroughs in order to make sure everything is clear for a heavy rainfall.

It Even Works on Wood – If you have a deck that’s looking a bit shipwrecked, we have a special method we can use to restore and protect it. Using our pressure wash, we clean and refresh the wood. Then, we allow the clean wood to dry before applying a sealant that protects the wood against other moisture and damage.

It’s not too late to arrange a pressure washing service for your office, retail, or hospitality space. Be prepared for footfall and rainfall by calling us today to arrange a service! 403-520-7788

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