Get Good Habits Going With Our Floor Care and Maintenance

Have you recently moved into a new office space and have no idea what’s under your feet? Or have you been in the same space for a long time and it’s starting to show? Regardless of your situation, we’re here to tell you about the services we offer for floor care, and how you can maintain good habits to keep your floors looking fabulous.

It’s Good To Create a Routine with your flooring, because it’s often forgotten when the time comes to clean. With vinyl flooring, discolouration can appear over time. With tile, grime begins to build up in grooves. The best thing to do is create a weekly or monthly reminder for your office so your floors always stay good-looking. However, if you think your flooring is past its days of cleanliness, there’s no need to worry. We also strip and reseal vinyl flooring, as well as refinish hardwood. It’ll be like hitting the reset button on your space so you can start those routines fresh.

For Any Type of Flooring – Regardless of whether or not you know what’s under your feet, we’ll know how to care for it. Our expert cleaners know which products to use for all types of flooring including vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, tile, and stone. We also have energy efficient vacuums for use on carpets!

Green Cleaning is an important part of anything we do. We have received a number of accreditations for our usage of cleaning products, energy and waste management, and waste disposal. If caring for the environment is important to your company’s vision, like it is for ours, you can be assured that we consistently make every effort to use products that are good for our Alberta environment and local community.

If you’re in need of some fresh looking floors, give us a call at 403-520-7788 and we can provide a quote for your Calgary office or retail space.