Professional Window Cleaning

Natural light is important for your employees’ health and well being, and luckily most new office spaces being built now feature modern interiors with access to as much natural light as possible. The only hitch is, how do you keep them clean?

You’ll Start to Notice dirty windows even more in the springtime, now that the sun is out and the snowy Calgary weather has (mostly) faded. Condensation from the outside of windows leaves grey streaks and white flecks, and on the inside there’s similar marks on the corners due to dust and condensation.

It Can Often Be Tricky to ask an employee to do the work of cleaning windows, as they will only be able to access the tight corners of offices, or move furniture, when an office is unoccupied. What started as a simple cleaning task can quickly inconvenience both the people who clean and people who have to move around to accommodate. It’s trouble enough most of the time asking colleagues to wash their mugs in the sink – let alone that sort of hassle!

So Save Yourself the Stress, and in a way you’ll save the stress of your whole team. Our professional and efficient staff are available for cleanings outside of working hours, which means you don’t have to work around the inconvenience of cleaning. Just walk in the next day to a room that’s full of more light, more Vitamin D, and happier staff.

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